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Candle Magick

Candle magick is one of my favorite ways to work my personal spells.  I love the ability to not only create the candles that I will be using myself but to get quite intricate in the choice of color, scent, and even the shape of the candle. You can choose anything from a simple birthday candle to a huge three wick beast of a candle for your working depending on your spellcast specifics.

There may be several "normals" out there when working your candle choosing a green candle for money for example.  Just remember that it is your intention and your creativity that creates and facilitates a powerful spell.  If you feel like using red for money or a green candle for love (because you're giving it the green light) then do it!  It's all about YOUR WAY because there is no "right way".  

When I work candle magick for someone else it becomes a totally different experience for me.  The candle is created with it's magickal intent in mind right from conception.  This brings the power of the intent into every aspect of the working.  Every candle that is used in our candle magick offerings is hand made by me during full ritual.  The candle is then used in a separate ritual to produce the magickal effects that are desired.  

Again, candle magick can be one of the easiest yet most powerful forms of simple magick available.  It can be as easy as blowing out your birthday candles.  :) 

You can learn all about Candle Magick in the Living a Magickal Life Academy class!


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