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Pick that magick right out of your yard!

Oh, you didn't realize that the dandelion was magickal?  Why yes, yes it is!  You can use all parts of the plant in magick.  Use it fresh, use it dried....any way you use it there is usually an abundance of them at this time of year in my area.  Just free for the picking! 

So...what can you do with it? Hmmmm......

Dandelion is a very Mercurial plant associated with the air element and has great use in aiding in communication with the dead and increasing psychic ability.

Drink an infusion of the dried and roasted roots to enhance your psychic abilities before performing divination or summoning spirits of the dead. Medicinally it has an “opening and cleansing quality… it opens passages”. This can be applied to sympathetic magic, meaning it is excellent for walking between realms and communing with the spirits that reside.

Dandelion Leaf: Summoning spirits, healing, purification and defeating negativity. Bury in northwest corner of yard to bring favorable winds. Use in sachets and charms to make wishes come true.

Dandelion Root: Magickal uses include divination, wishes and calling spirits. Use in dream pillows & sachets for sleep protection. Bury on northwest side of house to draw good luck. Drink dandelion tea or coffee to promote psychic powers. Leave a cup of this hot infusion by the bed to call spirits.

You can use them as part of your spellcasts in either the fresh or dried form.  They are great to use as items in your spells to bring a love to you, mend relationships, and open communication too as they are "bendy" and can be entwined easily. 

Be sure to check out my Facebook Page where I'll be posting a video of this spell that you can do with them for relationships:

Retrieve a Friend, Love You Lost, Relationship Spell

You’ll need:

2 Dandelions with a relatively long stem 
2 Stems only of dandelions long enough to use as a tie
2 Feathers (preferably that you find outside, if possible)

Optional:  Ritual Herb Blend for your intention

If you don’t have dandelions, you can substitute it with another flower. I chose dandelions because they are sunny, easy to find, and the stems twist together more easily.

Do this outside on a sunny day.

Decide what your desired outcome of your spell is and create a quick one or two lines that will be your spell mantra. 

Will it be to open communication?  You might try:

Dandelion, dressed in yellow

To me you will say hello


Will it be to end an argument?  You might try:

Dandelion, yellow and bright
You and I will never fight (or no longer fight)


Dandelion, bright and sweet
Speak with sugar when we next meet

To bring a love to you or to enhance the love you have? Try:
Dandelion, rooted and growing
Love in your heart is finally showing (or solidly growing)

You get the jist of it.  You don't even have to make it more than:  "You will call me, you will text me" over and over if you don't want to.

Take the dandelions and put them side by side.  Visualize one as you and one as the other person coming together as you place them next to each other. You might feel so inclined to say something like, "This is you, and this is me. Together as one we shall be. (or some variation to fit your intention).  Feel free to do so if you feel the desire to, but don't feel that you have to.  Use one of the other dandelion stems to tie them together just under the flowers of both.  Tight enough that the flowers touch and that you will be able to twist the stems.  Then, twist the dandelions together once with each line of your spell or mantra.  Repeat it until your stems are twisted together for the full length of them. Now tie it with the other stem only that you have at the end of the twisted stems so that it doesn’t fall apart. (you may need to use toes for this so it doesn't unravel) :)

Dig a shallow hole about as long as the flowers, and bury them with the petals peeking out of the hole. Do this in the front yard for new love / friendships and in the back yard for current relationships. If you don't have a yard you can bury them in a public place that each of you will have been at some point. Next, to represent freedom, stick the two feathers lightly into the ground next to the flowers. Then pat the ground three times over the buried flowers and say, "As I ask, so it shall be" with each pat.  Walk away and know that your energies have been put into the universal energy flow and the best possible outcome will occur for you.  

For additional enhancement of your energies and direction of the spell you can use the Time Tested Ritual Blends that are offered such as the:

Attract A New Love Intrest Blend

Obtain Love Blend

Faithfulness Blend

Persuade You To Do Blend

Sprinkle any one or combination of over the stems of the two flowers representing you and the other person before twisting as well as over the entire flower twist once placed into the hole.  You only need a pinch or two!  More is NOT better when it comes to our ritual blends.  They are specifically measured and infused so that just a little does a LOT!!

Oh...and one of the best things that you can do with Dandelions is......Dandelion Wine of course!!  You'll have to look that DIY up on your own.  :)

My dandelion drying process:

Growing in my yard.....

Picked (flowers only this time) and placed in the top of a shirt box.  You can use anything that will allow the air to flow around them.

A few days later. Be sure to mix them around each day so that they get moved around a bit.

Packaged up and ready for whenever I might require it's magickal energies!  :)

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