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About Me

I am a proud Old Ways witch and occultist. I have been deeply involved in various forms of the occult, traditional witchcraft and practical spirituality my entire life. I have offered services for over 30 years including online since 2009. ​
I have studied the magickal practices of ancient cultures and civilizations and use that, along with my lineage knowledge, to implement the powerful combination of those along with modern mind techniques within my personal practice and with for my clients as well. 

​Born into a spiritual family my roots in occultism developed quickly. My passion for manifestation-focused techniques and the practical use of real witchcraft has always been at the forefront of my life along with the desire to help others along their paths in life.

My goal is to share this practical knowledge of witchcraft and my gifts with those who are seeking an alternative path and desire more from life. I wholeheartedly believe we are all sparks of the The Source in physical bodies to experience life to its fullest extent. I also believe, or rather know, that we manifest our life and have more control over the universal energies than most would care to believe. Decide if you want a luxurious life, to create a successful business, or simply to enjoy a life with healthy, happy family...the decision is yours to make and the life yours to create. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished!

Although I must say that I am drawn to the more intense and "forbidden" side of witchcraft. I love to push boundaries and have a favoritism for magick dealing with repelling work, relationship spells, and forms of spiritual manipulation. I am frequently sought out for my unique spellwork and consultations offering people new perspectives and one of a kind experiences that lead to true life changes and results.

I feel that nearly all of the practices and "laws" instructed in modern witchcraft, spiritual traditions and religions are nothing more than fear-based ideologies taught by fame-hungry so-called "gurus". Worse yet, many of these self-proclaimed guru's and teachers live a miserable existence and share their faulty beliefs with those seeking answers. 

I am not looking to become a “guru”. I am simply a practitioner of a powerful method of witchcraft and am happy to share my knowledge, gifts, and skills with others. I truly want you to have the life that you desire.

​Witchcraft is powerful. I am willing to be your stepping stone to fulfilling your own destiny. I am committed to helping those who crave a better, magickal, fulfilling life. 

​It has been my pleasure to cast spells, offer readings and tools, and create powerful magickals for over 35 years both independently and within my sisters circle. If you are in need or feel you can’t go it alone any longer and you require my assistance, I am here to help you.


For more information on Old Ways witchcraft and magick please visit the START HERE page.