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Feel free to connect with me using the links below
Message me on Facebook
The hours the I am online and available are as follows:
Monday:  8am - 2pm
Tuesday:  8am - Noon
Wednesday:  8am - 4pm
Thursday:  8am - 4pm
Friday:  8am - 4pm
Saturday:  10am - Noon
Sunday:  Not Available

All elite clients have access to me daily until 11pm Central Time.

I am available in the Living a Magickal Life Academy Facebook group weekly on Tuesdays at 8pm Central Time.

I may be online and available at times additional to these but my response to any request or inquiry is at my discretion and leisure.

If you require my immediate response, please use the EMERGENCY CONTACT request which is billable at $25.
(available 7am - 11pm central time daily)