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Annika's Magickal Arts is proud to offer you old world witchcraft spell services and powerful magickals to help you walk your path and enjoy your life.

  Over 35 years of experience including online offerings since 2009.

My hope is that you find friendship, knowledge, tolerance, and understanding in this space.


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Looking to improve your Magickal Mindset or to Learn the Path of the Old Ways Witch?  Then you will love the Magickal Mindset classes in the....

Living a Magickal Life Academy!

Until our paths cross again.......



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Guarantee: Just as a doctor can't guarantee a clean bill of health, a lawyer can't guarantee the outcome of a lawsuit and a weatherman can't guarantee the weeks weather, an occultist/witch can't guarantee your personal life experience. If ANYONE EVER offers you a guarantee on healing health problems, winning legal cases, or the return of a lover, turn around and run as this is the surest evidence of fraud