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Past Life Readings Info

Here I'll explain how I carry out past life readings, how they are presented and what to expect (and not expect) from a past life reading...

Let's immediately cut to the chase before I begin: No, you weren't Cleopatra in your past life. No, you weren't Shakespeare in your past life. And no, you most certainly were not Elvis...he hasn't even reincarnated yet, so I'm pretty certain that you weren't him in your past life.

I've had a couple of people come away from past life readings a bit confused. Confusion, like disappointment, can stem from expectations that aren't met. So of course, I'd like to clarify what a past life reading exactly is, as offering something close to a disappointing service isn't what I want to do!

Past life readings center on the belief in reincarnation, which I wholly believe in and which you may, or may not, believe in. Reincarnation is the act of a soul rebirthing into another physical body. Overtime, soul's reincarnate into many different lifetimes so that they are able to live and learn through all of the experiences that life has to offer. One lifetime is never enough to learn all of life's lessons.

The best way to think of a past life reading is that it will give you insight into a lifetime where you were a completely different person. Your soul is still the same soul during each lifetime, albeit a little wiser, but your physical body and emotional and mental capabilities are different. It is possible to hold some similar physical traits or personality traits from a former life but for the most part your past lives are lived as a completely different person, in a different place and at another time.

When I do past life readings I do them via email or in written form. This is for a number of reasons, but mostly I find that I am able to channel information better through writing, and you, the receiver, can refer back to the reading whenever you want to. Sometimes the reading will make more sense to you later on down the track and having it available in written form, to read whenever you want to, is handy. 

​Because I write what I am seeing at the time when doing a past life reading, it means that the flow of the reading isn't structured as a typical story. I tend to write down any new details, no matter how small, as they come to me. For example I may see you as an adult in your past life before I see you as a child in your past life, or, I may all of a sudden be shown an event which connects to another time in your past life. With this is mind, the reading often jumps around to different phases in your past life.

I charge for my past life readings and I think all clairvoyants, psychics, mediums and readers should. It is good to know what you are exactly paying for though. In my case I charge for my time and the energy it takes to do a reading. Past life readings require a great deal of energy to be used in the form of meditation, mental concentration and also the emotional energy which comes into play. Every past life reading I have ever done has had a great deal of emotions tied to it. If you were feeling lonely or depressed in your past life then I'm going to be feeling that at some point during the reading. If I am dealing with a traumatic past life I will often feel a lot of what you were feeling in your past life and this can take its toll if I don't spend time protecting and cleansing my energy after a reading. If I failed to do this I'm sure I would've ended up being a complete fruitcake by now!
Since most of you who book a past life reading with me have had many past lives it's a lucky dip which past life will show itself to me. Sometimes I will pick up on your most previous past life and at other times I will pick up on a past life which you lived a few lifetimes ago. The past life that shows itself to me is usually the past life that is linked to your current life somehow. There may be unresolved issues which your soul has carried over into your current life or a past life relationship may be playing out again in your current life. Quite often there was a traumatic event, or your past life death was traumatic, and it may have let an imprint on your soul which is effecting you in your current lifetime. 
It is important to know that events from your past life will very rarely play out in the exact same manner during your present life. For example if you were beheaded in your past life then it's more than likely that it won't happen in your current life, but instead you may have issues with wearing things around your neck.

​As I mentioned at the start of this post, it is extremely rare for 'famous' past lives to appear. In fact, the majority of us have never been famous in any of our past lives. I often get asked by people if they were Royal in a past life, and this too is extremely rare. The closest I've gotten to seeing a royal past life was when I did a reading for a woman who was a King's number one mistress centuries ago. That was truly exciting for me to do a reading which was so closely connected to royalty!
Past life readings aren't just interesting but also have a number of benefits. They can shed light on why you suffer from certain phobias, why a particular relationship between yourself and someone else is troubled, why you feel a certain way about a situation or why you have an obsession with a certain country, era in time or any number of wonderful things. I think that past life readings go deeper than any other type of reading because it gives you great insight into who you are and why you function the way you do. Past life readings can also show us the soul connections between ourselves and other people in our lives.
What past life readings don't do is give you insight into the future. It is a reading that is firmly focused on the past, with a goal to heal the present. Past life readings also differ from past life regressions. A past life reading will give you the story but a past life regression will let you see and experience that past life for yourself. Some people prefer past life readings because of this and some people want to experience their past life for themselves through a regression. Everyone has their own preference.
Having knowledge about our past lives is an amazing thing and can bring a great sense of comfort and understanding. If you have any questions about past life readings or regressions please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments section. I have preformed many past life readings and regressions for people and love to share the insight and knowledge of those mysterious times which preceded our own current lives.