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​Magick is Everywhere!
Just take a peek around.
Annika's Magickal Arts
​is proud to offer you old ways witchcraft spell services, tools, readings, and powerful magickals to help you walk your path and enjoy your life. 

Over 35 years of experience including online offerings since 2009.

My hope is that you find friendship, knowledge, tolerance, and understanding in this space.

Highly Skilled and Caring

I offer magick from my heart.
All of the offerings, services, and items created are done so with the purest of intent and for the highest good of all involved.
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Looking to improve your Magickal Mindset or to Learn the Path of the Old Ways Witch?  
Then you will love the Magickal Mindset classes in the....
Living a Magickal Life Academy!


It is my Honor to Teach 
The Magickal Mindset Classes in the Living a Magickal Life Academy will help to allow your most powerful inner witch ​to step out.  Teaching the Old Ways Witchcraft that doesn't require fancy tools....or any tools at all really.  Learn to take from what is available to you and weave your magick to create your reality.
I have 25+ years of experience working energies and casting spells.  This has allowed me to bring about wonderful offerings of enchanted items that will continue to work their magick for you in your personal space.
Intuitive Psychic Readings allow wonderful insight and guidance to be received as well as questions answered through several different divination modalities.  You will discover these readings to be amazing opportunities to avoid the pitfalls of bad decisions and encounters that can drain your personal energies. 

Also Offering Spiritual and Magickal Guidance.
I have worked with and studied the energies my entire life having come from magickal practitioner lineage. 
Powerful, direct, and precise spell casting takes knowledge, patience, and practice.  All of which I have to offer you.
Choose from spells cast directly on your behalf by me or spells cast within my sisters circle.
Regardless of your choice.....the magick will bring great benefits.
Tools, Blends, Candles, and Decor
Offering hand made and crafted items to allow you to enhance your own magickal workings as well as decorate your space.
Custom requests available on some items!
I look forward to connecting with you!!