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Welcoming Your New Magickal Home

Here is the information that you will need to welcome your new magickal into your home and personal energy.  You will complete this with each new magickal individually.  You do not HAVE to do this, but it is a good and recommended way to get the energies of the magickal to sync with your own personal energies.

The spells were bound to the items during a coven ritual that is ancient in origin. You may notice some sensations with the first days of wear or first few times of use, those will subside as your body “gets used” to the magick it holds.

The spells will never leave the items. If you so choose, you can “boost” the spells by charging it in the moonlight or placing it in a charging box. You will do this by placing the item in a place that will bathe it in moonlight. A window sill of a window that you can see the moon from is just fine. If it is cloudy and you can not physically see the moon it will still charge the item as moonbeams reach the earth through clouds just as the sun’s.

When you receive your new magickal(s) and before first wear or use, please place the item in the palm of your right hand and cover it with your left hand. See in your mind’s eye the item creating a thread and attaching it to your hand. (Like an alien invasion movie scene…lol) Then think about that thread moving up your arm and beginning to fully entangle you. When you have finished the visualization say these words out loud:

Clear my self
And clear my mind
All negativity left behind.
All the strength be abound
In this piece, It is found.
As I ask, So It Shall Be!

This will bind the power of the item to you. There is no wrong way to complete this task, so fear not if you have trouble with visualizations.

Please feel free to contact me at any time! I would love to see a request from you to join the Facebook group if you're not already a part of it as well.

Enjoy the magick!