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1 Question Reading

1 Question Reading

$ 12.00

Sometimes you wake up and you just can’t shake that feeling. Are they…? Will he…? Why does…? What am I missing??? It can be frustrating, to say the least. A 1 Question reading will help you take the edge off — (because there’s no substitute for peace of mind). 

This one question Psychic Reading is perfect for anyone who has one main area they want addressed. So, if you are looking for an answer to a specific question, or want to get some insight on a particular person, or need guidance in making an important decision, this is the reading for you.

Accurate readings and spiritual guidance with a proven and trusted psychic advisor and witch.

  • Receive the insight, direction and clarity you need to empower, and guide your decision making in all matters.
  • Understand the people around you, their motivations, desires and intentions. What are they really thinking and feeling?
  • Connect to your spirit guides & reconnect to loved ones.
  • Tap into your own sense of spirituality and develop your understanding of ‘creator’, ‘god’ or a ‘higher power.’
  • Learn to use your own psychic abilities to connect to spirit and live a more intuitive life.
  • Explore your life purpose. What are you here to learn? What is your soul’s mission?

Sometimes you just need one little piece of the puzzle to see the whole picture. One sliver of the pie, to stop your stomach from growling. 

This 1 Question Reading is like a pressure valve release for anxious situations. Although you may not like the answer, the relief from knowing is immeasurable. 

Once you’ve ordered and submitted your question, I will send your complete reading in 24 hours or less – (weekdays only). Your question should be sent in the notes to seller area or emailed to (, once you’ve completed your order.

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