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30 Minute Spiritual Session with Spell

30 Minute Spiritual Session with Spell

$ 50.00

This is an offering to bring your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies into alignment.   

Sometimes there is just a need to talk things through for true understanding of an issue or situation's purpose.  Other times you may need a little intuitive guidance as well as some information offered from your guides.  Maybe you have a magickal question?  I am now happy to provide telephone sessions (or messenger if you'd prefer) to help you to traverse through those times when decisions need to be made or circumstances seem to be out of control.  We'll chat like old friends and work our way through it so that you gain clarity, perspective, and direction regarding your issue, situation, or questions.

This is for the 30 minute session.

Phone or Messenger  (International clients are messenger only at this time)

Please allow a total of 40 minutes for this session when scheduling.

Once purchased, I will contact you via email to schedule a time for your session.

One the evening of your session, I will work a custom spell that will be tied in direct correlation with your higher good and what it is that you desire.  This will be a one night, single cast that I will place my full energy into for you.



THIS IS NOT A PSYCHIC READING OFFERING. This offering is to help you to understand and gain guidance through my intuitive gifts and logical thought.

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