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ADORE ME spelled

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 A beautiful offering from our sisters circle rituals. This piece was worked over SIX full lunar cycles both within individual rituals by three sisters as well as during all circle gatherings throughout those cycles. These offerings are above and beyond in magickal energies. Intense, amazing, and very directed. Please allow additional time for vibration matching to you upon receipt of these items.

A very pretty and unique flower design earrings with purple stones that sparkle though the petals. 

This wonderful magickal is full of powerful energies and spell sets to improve your view of yourself as well as to project the best you to others that you come in contact with.

 Your self confidence and esteem will sky rocket and you will feel, act, and BE stunning.  Those around you will appreciate, admire, and adore you for all that you are and bring to them.  They will begin to see you in a new light that projects you to them as one to be valued, followed, respected, and appreciated.  You will begin to receive the recognition that you deserve and the value that you desire.

Wear it every day, only on the days that you need a little extra boost in how you feel about yourself, or when you need to come out on top of any situation.  

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