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Green Moss Agate Soothing Stone spelled

$ 35.00

This is a wonderful green moss agate soothing stone worked through the last two lunar cycles and ending within the rituals of the July 27th full moon with eclipse.

Soothing stones are worked to help relieve stress, anxiety, and tension.  Also worked to bring about clear, logical thought, and Abundance.

Soothing stones are simply...well...soothing!  You just take this stone into your hand and rub it, move it, flip it, gaze into it, run your fingers over it, or even rub it over your body if you'd like.  Skin contact is crucial with soothing stones.  Use it as a divination piece as well!  Gaze into it and allow it's energies to pull to you messages, symbols, and signs that will give you answers you may be seeking.

This item will ship on or after June 27th to allow it's completion within the ritual gathering of the full moon.

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