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The energies from this spell will be cast by the sisters at gathering into a simple tea light candle that will ship to you. You then have the option to light your candle and release the energies in your own personal space when you are ready.

IF YOU ARE AN INTERNATIONAL CLIENT and would like the spell cast directly into the universal laws for you to avoid shipping, please let me know upon purchase.

If you seem to have a special knack for saying and doing all the
wrong things at all the wrong times, then this might be just the
spell you're looking for! Feel the insecurities lifting in order to allow the charming part of your personality to shine through. You will seem to develop a knack for saying and doing just the right thing at just the right time! The effects magnify and grow until others find you simply irresistibly charming, able to charm your way into anyone's heart and able to charm your way through just about any situation!

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