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Beauty and Grace Vintage Hair clip

$ 32.00

Beauty and Grace will get you farther than you though it could.

 Knowing how to handle yourself in all situations as well as to be looked upon as a leader in social skills and settings weighs more on people's impression of you than you'd think.  This magickal brings you into the best limelight you can possibly shine in.  Allowing you to converse and interact freely and effortlessly while maintaining the utmost respect and admiration of those surrounding you.  Get a hand up on the situation and present yourself at your best.

This is a stunning Vintage metal feather design hair clip.  You can use it in your hair or choose to wear it on a lapel too!  You don't have to wear it for it's magickal benefits as it's owner, but why wouldn't you want to adorn yourself with this beauty?  The original owner loved to wear this clipped to her hats or dress collars too.  Many years of chargings, cleansing, and energy additions to this beautiful piece.

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