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Boost My Magick Drawing Power vintage

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A wonderful Vintage magickal offering from a crone witch's personal collection.

This is a bold, beautiful bracelet that has been used magickally over the past 38 years.  This bracelet was worn by the witch as she performed her magickal rites and rituals.  It is imbued with energies of DRAWING POWER.  Drawing Power spells and energies boost all other magickal intentions, energies, and spells done by yourself or any other person for you.  It also pulls into your energy field the intentions and desires you have.  You simply put this bracelet on during your own workings or when you know magickal work is being done for you to boost the spell in all ways possible.  You can also use this as a spell "sender" itself.  You will put the bracelet on and take 15 minutes to sit and visualize what it is that you desire.  It will be sent out into the universal laws to begin processing what is needed to be done or occur for you to receive that desire.  It is a truly amazing piece.

This piece MUST be worn for the 15 minutes daily during any magickal working for when using it as a spell casting piece.

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