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Break the Bad Luck and Clear My Life spelled

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Do you feel like everything is just not working right?  Do you feel like if you didn't have bad luck you'd have none at all?  Has someone sent you ill wishes that you just can't seem to shake?  Does it seem like nothing you do can make any improvement in the situation?

 Then this is a piece that can help rid yourself, your space, and your life of the gloom and doom of bad luck, negativity, and remove any hex, curse, or ill wishes sent your way.

This piece was selected specific to this intention and was worked during full ritual within the coven's Full Moon gatherings to amplify the amazing energies that will wash you clean and allow the energies to flow in a way to bring you wonderful rewards in life.  

Cleansing and clearing of yourself and your space is sometimes all that is needed to bring you to a place where the positive energy flow can sweep in and take over....turning your life around completely to what it was.

No more dread, worry, stress, or seemingly endless bad luck.

 A beautiful offering from our sisters circle rituals. This piece was worked over a full lunar cycle both within individual rituals by three sisters as well as during all circle gatherings throughout that cycle.

A beautiful ring in a SIZE 7.






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