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Bring Us Together spelled

$ 45.00

A beautiful Vintage Avone Goldstone ring set from a personal collection.  

Size 7

This wonderful ring set is imbued with the spells and energies to bring people together.  It will pull the one that you desire to have a connection with to you.  This connection must be one that is already established somehow. You could also use these to keep someone close to you while you are away from each other.  Each person wears one.

For example, you will not be able to make your celebrity crush contact you if he or she doesn't know of your existence.  

For these to work you simply hold them in your hand and say the incantation that comes with them.  You can change your 'target' at any time.  You then put the two rings together and wear them for at least seven days.  

They are goldtone with small stones but they are high quality Avon vintage items that have stood the test of time since they began their magickal use in the late 1990s.


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