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Change of Perception

$ 30.00

This item has been worked by the individual sisters of the circle and the circle in ritual for an SIX MONTHS. These offerings are above and beyond in magickal energies. Intense, amazing, and very directed. Please allow additional time for vibration matching to you upon receipt of these items.

Wonderful sparkling earrings that simply shine. The pictures just simply do not capture the true elegance, sparkle, and color of these beautiful earrings.

A unique offering that has amazing energy as it has been through months of casts and charges before entering the full, blue, super moon of Jan.

Change of Perception spells allow you to always give a great first impression.  No matter what happens you will always emerge from all situations "smelling like a rose".  You will become the best at what that other person needs or desires.  Their perception of you will only be positive.  It also helps to mend bad impressions over a very short time.  Everyone will become welcoming to you and enjoy your presence.  

Need not be worn for full magickal effect although contact with it is encouraged on a monthly basis at least.  


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