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These items has been worn by the individual sisters of the circle through SIX MONTHS of rituals. This offering is above and beyond in magickal energies. Intense, amazing, and very directed. Please allow additional time for vibration matching to you upon receipt of these items.

This is another beautiful magickal!  Powerful energies pulse through this amazing magickal.

A 925 Sterling Silver and moonstone ring.  SIZE 7

This piece was chosen for it's wonderful natural abilities already available with the stones that are set within the lovely piece.  Using rituals to imbue it with additional energies as well as enhance and amplify the natural inherent ones.

This beauty is infused with amazing magick to cleanse you, your space, and your life as well as to release emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that no longer serve your higher purpose.  Release negativity and allow for a beautiful, powerful surge of positive energy into your life.

 This can change your life around and open possibilities and opportunities that you'd had never imagined.

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