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Connection and Communication Ring

$ 75.00

This is an amazing ring imbued with even more amazing energies.

CONNECTION and COMMUNICATION energies have been placed into this magickal via gemstone and vibrational magick over a full lunar cycle along with a full coven cast.

Connection to those that are around you both in this lifetime, on this plane, here and now as well as those that you have been connected to through a past lifetime, your spirit guides, ancestral guides, and loved ones that are reaching out from the Other Side.  Oh the messages that we miss during the rush of everyday life!  Once we find ourselves able to connect and communicate with our guides, past life connections, and spirit we are able to "walk our path" of life with much greater ease and less stress.  It will seem that opportunity just happens to BE for you.  Your decisions come much easier and your results far exceed your expectations.  

You will find your connections and communications will come in the form of dreams, gut instinct recognition, signs that seemed to be oblivious to you previously, and through music (you will be thinking of something, for example, and then you will hear a song / tv show / commercial that just simply and amazingly offers answers to you and makes perfect sense).

Size 8  

925 sterling stamped 

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