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Controlled Chaos spelled

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An offering from the Sinister Series. A series of magickals that have been worked over the last six lunar cycles that have a bit more of a sinister, dark "feel" to them.

The pieces within the Sinister Series are enchanted in such a way that they create swift and direct action although none will cause any karmic backlash to you or any lasting harm to any other person.  Each of these pieces should be taken as a powerful tool and never viewed as "a toy".

A beautiful ring in a SIZE 7 black rhodium plated with ruby red stones.  Bold and beautiful!

Controlled Chaos spells bring a bit of confusion and frustration to those you desire.  Bad dreams (when they can actually sleep), nausea, short boughts of confusion (never when it could harm another), and other simple annoying issues. Nothing harmful or hurtful however so there is never any karmic retribution to worry about.  Simply put the ring in the palm of your hand and cover it with the other while thinking about the person(s) you desire to have life disrupted for a bit.  Works in 48 hour increments (for lack of better wording).

We come together to work some amazing rituals to imbue items with extreme energies during our sister circles. All the pieces offered were worked privately by a coven member for a full lunar cycle and then again by the entire coven during full ritual. These items may need some time to adjust to as they will be buzzing with energies. Some of our items are Vintage magickals from personal witch estates and collections. These pieces are worked over the same amount of time within rituals to enhance the already powerful magick they hold as well as add some additional energies as well.


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