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Custom Spelled Loaded Candle

$ 25.00

Each candle is loaded and fixed (ritually imbued with energies, and blessed) to whichever intention you choose. 


  •  Love: This candle is fixed to bring love, sex, passion, romance, lust, relationships


  •  Success: This one opens up opportunities at work, brings steady work and promotions


  • Money: This one brings money, wealth, prosperity, steady work


  • Health: Fighting an illness or affliction? Let this candle bring healing and health


  • Protection: Protect your home from negative energy 


  • Peaceful Home: Brings love and light in to your home, peace and tranquility


  • Shut Up: Stop the haters from gossiping and spreading rumors with this candle


  •  Curse Breaker: This candle will reverse and break any hexes or curses put on you.


  • Luck: Need some luck? Light this candle for some fast luck


  • Full Moon: Burn this candle during the full moon to manifest your intentions


  • New Moon: Burn this candle during the new moon to manifest your intentions


  • Domination: Want to steer someone's thoughts? Slip their name under this candle and burn it to help turn their thoughts


  • Spirit: Use this candle to open up your third eye, and open yourself up to Spirit and psychic abilities 


  • Lost and found: Lost someone or something? Light this to bring them back


  • Travel: Are you taking a trip? Burn this candle for protection, and for a safe trip!


Your candle will come loaded and fixed along with a space cleanser (palo santo, sage, or incense).

 Using oils, herbs, intuitive and spirit guidance I work to balance energy and tip the scales in your favor. Remember that magic lives within all of us, and to make this candle work even better, you must embrace your own magic. Use this candle as a tool to create change. Believe in your magic! 

 Simply take the candle into your hands and tell it what you desire. Tell it the 'story' behind your magickal request. Before lighting the candle create a mantra that you will use throughout the candle burning for your intention and state it as you light your candle the first time and every time thereafter until the candle is spent. (Examples: Money flows to me or No harm can come to me, or I'm lucky, lucky, lucky because luck always finds me.)

 For a more precise fixed candle, you can send me info about your situation in notes area upon purchase or email them to me, which will allow me to

 Since each candle is fixed to each buyer's intention, please allow 3 to 5 days before shipping. 

 If you'd like a custom candle fixed for something specific other than what is listed, please message me.


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