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Distance Reiki Healing Session

Distance Reiki Healing Session

$ 25.00
Reiki, pronounced 'ray key', is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. It is a natural, safe and simple healing method, which allows anyone to absorb more valuable life force energy.

Reiki creates and promotes self-healing, balances energies and revitalizes. Reiki channels energy from the giver to the receiver in a powerful non-invasive and gentle way.

It is quicker than most 'hands on' treatments and the results can often be instant too. Reiki can help you heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The wonderful healing properties of Reiki know no boundaries. Reiki energies can be sent to anyone or anything anywhere across the world.

With Reiki Distance Healing you can receive the benefits of Reiki without stopping what you are doing or having to go anywhere. You can be driving or even asleep. Reiki is a bit like having a good friend who is always there for you and to comfort you.

Reiki Distance Healing can be sent to you, to your friends or loved ones, to your pet, to a problem or challenge in your life and can help with past or future events, such as exams.

Your body will absorb as much or as little Reiki as you need at that particular time.

Using the Reiki symbols and mantras transferred to me by my Reiki Teacher I focus on this list and prepare to send Reiki. My Reiki Distance Healing sessions take on the style of a hands-on treatment so that all areas of the receiver's body receive Reiki energy.

Throughout the session I relax and focus on the Reiki energies transferring from me to the receiver. During each Reiki Distance Healing session my hands get hotter and hotter as there is a build up of energy. My palms pulsate as I feel the energy pumping. It is a great feeling, as I know that the Reiki is working.

Each person reacts differently from the next and each treatment may differ from the previous.

On some occasions you may sense that parts of your body feel warm, even hot, (sometimes very hot!): Reiki is penetrating and helping this part of your body.

Sometimes parts of your body might feel cold instead. If you are suffering from an inflammation this can be Reiki's way of cooling you down. You may feel some slight tingling.

However, don't be alarmed if you feel absolutely nothing - this does not mean that Reiki isn't being received by you or that in some way you have failed. The healing energy is always received.

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