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Dose of Luck  (ONE TIME ONLY option)

Dose of Luck (ONE TIME ONLY option)

$ 7.00

This monthly service provides you a quick dose of LUCK in life.

Luck can manifest in all areas of your life.  It could be in games of chance (think casino or bingo), in your career (or search of), and in relationships (think being at the right place at the right time).  Luck is an amazing little icing on the cake of positivity and with this monthly quick dose of LUCK you will see both enter into your life.  

This working will occur on the 3rd of each month.

You, of course, can choose to have regular monthly workings for you in this area for $2.99 each month on subscription.

PLEASE USE THE  MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION OPTION LISTING to be included each and every month at just $2.99!!

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