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Drawing Power Wish spelled

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A beautiful offering from our sisters circle rituals. These wonderful agate towers have been worked over SIX full lunar cycles both within individual rituals by three sisters as well as during all circle gatherings throughout that cycle. These included each of the two one week retreats and will be concluding in the ritual gathering of the Full Moon with eclipse of July 27th.

These are amazing, bold, and powerful agate magickals.

These are powerful Drawing Power or Wish magickals as some would call it.  Their powerful energies allow you to wish for what it is in the moment that you desire and it will "send out" the energies to the universal laws for processing and will begin to DRAW to you those desires, wants, and needs.  Get ready for it's powerful magick to enter your life.  Also spelled for Protection and Cleansing for your home, self, and life. 

These offerings are above and beyond in magickal energies. Intense, amazing, and very directed. Please allow additional time for vibration matching to you upon receipt of these items.

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