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Elite Client status has it's privileges! 

I love to form strong, long lasting relationships with my clients.  Becoming an Elite client allows the bond between you and I to move forward and connect even deeper.  I connect with your energy field at the first opening cast and will continue to work with your energies to clear out blockages and 'redirect' the energy stream as needed and requested by you.  This connection remains open until you decide that you no longer desire to be of Elite status.  Elite status is a monthly option that is greatly discounted for yearly commitment.

What benefits does Elite Status allow?

  • Sister Circle ritual cast inclusion on Saturdays for whatever intention you desire or require.  You can change the intention weekly to focus on one or choose the 'general' cast which includes the Focus 4 of Love, Money, Health, and Beauty.
  • 30 days cast of one focus area with me.  I will work one triple cast each week for you on your focus area for the month.  This focus is chosen each month by the astrological events and line ups as well as the best lunar and wheel of the year position.  
  • One personal 20 minute reading each month with me via messenger chat.  You can choose a general overall reading in the 3 areas of love, career, and direction of life or a specific area you'd like to focus on.*
  • First response to your FB messenger messages even "after hours".
  • Special sneak peeks at new, exciting offerings and magickals before they are available to the public.
  • 15% discount on all magickals offered**
  • Elite client only offerings of magickals and services.
  • Optional inclusion into the closed ELITE Client FB group which will have discussions regarding your experiences, ritual and magickal suggestions, live spells, and educational videos as well as LIVE interaction with me twice weekly.

You can choose to remain an Elite client for as long as you'd like or just for one month.  The choice is always up to you. 

Each month's opt in will be due BY THE 1st of each month.  You will need to sign up manually each month, but you will receive a reminder from me during the last week of the previous month.

 This is over a $280 value being offered at more than 50% off right now!!


*No medical, legal, or pregnancy specific questions will be answered.

**excludes Flash Sale items


Elite Client status is discounted down to $700 with a one time annual payment!!  Ask me for a special payment link for this option.

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