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Extreme 30 Day Cast for Your Custom Spell.

Extreme 30 Day Cast for Your Custom Spell.

$ 145.00
This Offering is of Extreme Power

You were led to read this post for a reason! A great opportunity is being presented to you here. You already have a guide pushing you toward a better life if you have landed on this page.

This is a full 30 day spell cast to bring Fortune, Fame, and lasting Prosperity to you


Any Custom Spell of your choice.

This spell is cast during extreme ritual on three separate occasions with the sisters circle. The initial casting will be done on the Full Moon, the second is cast on the New Moon, and the third will cast on the next Full Moon.

Our circle has cast this extreme spell on several individuals. Every person we have cast this spell for is living well above the comfortable level for finances.

Be sure to prepare yourself for the path this spell will take you down.

Our usual charge for this service is just under $600. We are offering it here so that people have greater access to us and to allow more access to our offerings of true magick on this forum.

Only a few of these will be offered due to the extreme preparation and exhausting amount of energy needed to properly cast this spell.

The spells and magick that I use has been taught down through six generations. The oldest items and spells that I have/use are 185 years old!

My offerings of spellcasting are powerful and true. I charge according to the complexity and time it takes to cast the spell. I will not sell you the idea of a spell for 99 cents....the items that are used in even the most basic spells are of greater cost than that and I do not "lump cast". Each person gets their own casting so no magick is crossed. I will spend the time to prepare myself and the items needed to properly cast a powerful spell. The sister circle spells are cast on the full moons. This is usually done during ritual. We only offer a few spellcasts per full moon, again, because of the time it takes to properly conjure, cast, or invoke for just one spell.

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