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Extremely Powerful 30 Day Spell Cast of your choice

Extremely Powerful 30 Day Spell Cast of your choice

$ 80.00
Extremely Powerful 30 Day Spell Cast of your choice by  Annika

You are purchasing a powerful spell cast just for you.

A full 30 days of spellcasts for you. You choose your desires and I will cast specific ritual spells for you every day of the month to allow you to attain those desires.

This does not include any type of physical transformation. That type of spell is excluded from my castings completely.

You will need to contact me with your Name, Birth Date, and your Desired Outcome/Result. As this will be a very specific spellcasting for you I will contact you after receiving the information to get further specifics from you that will be needed for completion. You will have contact from me at the completion of your cast.

The spell will be cast every evening for 30 nights.

When the spell is complete I will send you an email regarding the completion of your casting along with any other information I receive during casting.

The cast will begin within 48 hours of payment being received. I will contact you directly if any further information is needed. I will contact you to let you know that your spell is complete .

I do ask that you concentrate on your desired results every evening for 5 minutes for three days after you send payment. Some people have reported having "sensations" during the casting process, this is normal and is not harmful in any way to you.


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