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Are you involved with someone who is afraid to commit?

Or perhaps you are trying to arrange a financial or business agreement that seems to be going nowhere.

Or maybe you have a situation with a friend or associate and they keep stalling, failing to agree, frustrating you, perhaps even angering you

This spell was created  to make someone agree with you, specifically, to bring closure – quickly and in your favor.

Does any of the following apply to you?

  • You are in a relationship with someone you love, but he or she seems to have an eye on the door, and you are afraid they might call it quits.
  • And you are growing increasingly frustrated and somewhat fearful because you know the two of you are meant for each other.
  • Or perhaps you are trying to arrange a loan, or some sort of a business deal, and the other side keeps stalling and won’t give you an answer one way or the other.
  • Or maybe you have a friend who is not giving you the time of day and you don’t know what happened. However, you would like to salvage the relationship and get closure on whatever the problem is.
No matter what your situation, if you feel stymied and frozen in time, this powerful spell to make someone agree could provide the key to unlocking the problem and resolving it the best way for you!

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