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Graveyard Dirt

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Carefully collected by me with permissions from the local spirits and paid for with offerings from local area cemeteries. I have been properly and respectfully gathering  graveyard dirt from these places for over twenty years. I have spent years wandering cemeteries in my area (it has been one of my favorite things to do in the autumn months since I was about 10 years old) and have come to know, honor, and respect those that are laid there and willing to offer their essence to the dirt collected.  

There is a proper way to collect graveyard dirt and to thank the spirits and guardians of the cemetery so that the collection is both useful in the way you desire and powerful for casting by itself or as an ingredient in a spell.

You can not employ dirt from just anywhere in the graveyard and expect it to work for you...and most definitely not from a graveyard of the forgotten.  There must be research done and permission given by the spirit of the grave.  My research of the graves and my ability to connect with spirit allows me to be sure that the collection will not only work within your spells but will have the power of the spirit behind it as well. 

Graveyard dirt is used for working with spirits, protecting against dangerous spirits, banishing, cursing, and spells that release emotions or break habits. It can also be used for spells of love, healing, loyalty, communication, money and luck, and bravery.  It isn't any 'scarier' than any other ingredient.  Graveyard dirt often takes on many of the properties embodied by the person or pet who was buried where the collection took place. That is why it is always, always best to do your research about the graves and to be sure your collection ritual is proper and this is why there is a choice of types of intention for my graveyard dirt.

Your dirt will arrive in a snap top plastic container (approx. 2 oz) packed with your chosen intention dirt and the first name of the spirit that resides at the grave it was collected from to allow you to connect and employ.


You can learn how to collect your own graveyard dirt and it's earth element uses in spellcrafting through the Living a Magickal Lifestyle course too!


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