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Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot Powder

$ 9.99

This is our special blend of Hot Foot Powder.

Made in Louisiana Voodoo style and amplified with magickal intent via coven ritual.

Used to chase someone away, and give them “hot feet”. A pinch sprinkled in someone’s shoe will make them leave ASAP, or a line can be placed under the threshold of a door to chase someone out of a home.  You can sprinkle a bit under the desk of someone you want to leave or on the lawn or porch of someone you want to move or remove from your life.  

If it is someone that you do not have direct access to that you would like to remove from you life you simply use a picture of that person or their name on a piece of paper.  Place the picture or piece of paper into a heat-safe dish and sprinkle with Hot Foot powder.  Place a candle on top of the picture (or next to) and burn for three nights in a row until the candle is burned down.  When there is the last bit of the candle burning on the third night you will take the picture and bring it to the flame allowing it to burn back in the heat safe dish.  Then take the remnants and throw them into running water over your left shoulder within two days.  Do not look back.

Hot foot powder is a great supply to have around at all times in a jar or tin.  You never know when you're going to need to rid yourself of!


Be sure to wash your hands after using or touching hot foot powder as it does contain some heavy peppers as part of the ingredients!!


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