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Infused Bath Salts

Infused Bath Salts

$ 14.00

These hand blended bath salts will not only smooth and smooth your skin, but will also ease your stress and cleanse your aura before finally leaving you with ultimate protection from negativity and ill wishes.  You can also choose to have additional intentions imbued thorough ritual to bring you Love, Luck, or Success.  Simple magick surrounds you while you simply enjoy your bath or shower.

Use as much or little as you'd like for your desired result.  I usually use about an ounce per bath so one 4 oz container will give you at least 4 baths.  You can choose to place the salts into a small organza bag or cheesecloth and use it to go over your entire body as you would with a bar of soap while in the shower or you can use it as a foot soak which acts the same magickally as a full bath does.

This batch's base is Lavender Vanilla.  It's devine.  Other oils are added to the Love, Luck, and Success blends to help with those intentions as well.



You will receive your salts in a resealable bag.

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