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INFLUENCE OVER LOVE spirit assisted cast

INFLUENCE OVER LOVE spirit assisted cast

$ 45.00

This spirit assisted cast magickal allows INFLUENCE OVER LOVE. Whether it's love for you or love for others this very interactive and powerful piece can create, empower, erase, and influence love on every single level. Whether it's love for yourself, love between you and a lover, friend or family, or love between others this magickal will be of benefit in every way. Love is an essential and can surely influence happiness.  With this magickal you will have the ability to influence both. 

A VERY PRETTY STERLING SILVER PEGASUS CHARM that you can add to any favorite necklace, chain, or bracelet.  The wings are open in the middle so it will easily fit onto anything!

This piece was cast through a lunar cycle and held within the circle of our sisters gatherings.  A powerful trio of witch assistants were called forth for the cast as well.  Opal, Pearl, and Ruby (yes, those are really their names) who are "gems" (oh my gosh, we actually call them that) of a trio have worked together spiritually for over 75 years to bring powerful assistance to our coven for casts.  Opal is actually a many times great aunt to myself.

We have worked with so many amazing spirit companions in our spellcasts and summoning sessions through the years.  In that time there have been several (okay, maybe hundreds) that have offered to help from “their side” by giving their energies to help enhancement of the spell's power and direction through vessel enhancement. There are a few, however, that I have worked with for years that have extreme magickal powers and offer amazing additional benefits to the casts. These beings will begin to be recognized in the listings of the magickals that they have helped create.

How is it done?  An item is presented during ritual and a prearranged summoning of a being is conducted to allow them to step forward and join in the casts. They help to raise and enhance the energies that are being used for magickal intent. They will also “secure” the infusion of those energies onto the vessel presented. These assistants have many, sometimes thousands, of years of casting experience and therefore offer a uniqueness and power to the items that can not be obtained by any other means. They create extremely powerful and direct magickal energies. We have such types as spirits of previous coven and family members that have passed (remember, my lineage goes back over 180 years) as well as others that were very magically inclined during their lives before passing. We also call upon other realms to help with specific energies that may be enhanced my their type such as mermaids, angels, vampires, and fae.

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