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JOY and HAPPINESS spelled

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These items have been worked by the individual sisters of the circle and the circle in ritual for an entire six months with the culmination of the MARCH Blue Moon gathering. These offerings are above and beyond in magickal energies. Intense, amazing, and very directed. Please allow additional time for vibration matching to you upon receipt of these items.

This is a Fashion Ring that is fun and funky with stones that sparkle.   Size 8

Everyone wants to feel joy and live a happy life.  This magickal will help you to feel those things.  Sometimes things happen in our lives that turn our thoughts a bit darker and we wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel anymore.  This piece will ensure that you always are aware of the silver lining to every situation.  It can add joy and laughter to your day as well as help to keep a level mind regarding every issue you encounter.  A wonderful piece for those that deal with depression.  This is also an amazing piece for those going through major life changes or turbulent times.

Need not be worn for full magickal benefit.



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