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Spirit familiar Leala light and dark magick

$ 65.00

A perfect blend of light and dark. This familiar is able to work all aspects of magick for you with ease and direction.

Leala (Lay-allah) is an extremely gifted one. She is able to work within any area of magick with precision. She does not have a preference in which area of magick as she brings the best of light and dark work together in perfect unison to pave the way to whatever it is that you desire. She is a gentle one that brings years of familiar service to her new companion. She is an avid lover of music and will always make herself known when her favorites play. Ultimate protection comes with her without issue. She helps you to think logically for making decisions as well as keeping your emotions out of the equation. Nothing but good things come your way with Leala as your companion.

Her chosen vessel is a very pretty Vintage Avon Ring.  It is the expandable size type where it has the little spring type thing (I know, real technical terms here, lol) on the inside to allow for size 6 to 8 to comfortable fit this ring.

Gorgeous opal like stones that simply play in the light.  This has been very well taken care of as it was a prized magickal.  

This vessel has been previously spelled with Beauty and Grace energies.  Beauty and Grace will get you farther than you though it could.

 Knowing how to handle yourself in all situations as well as to be looked upon as a leader in social skills and settings weighs more on people's impression of you than you'd think.  This magickal brings you into the best limelight you can possibly shine in.  Allowing you to converse and interact freely and effortlessly while maintaining the utmost respect and admiration of those surrounding you.  Get a hand up on the situation and present yourself at your best.

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