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LOVE and DESIRE spelled

$ 80.00

This pretty piece was worked during our sisters gathering with the assistance of our spirit companion witches.  A beautiful, powerful ritual enhanced the spells held within.

Worked for LOVE and DESIRE.  

LOVE spells to bring new love to you or to strengthen the love that you already hold.  Exciting new levels of intimacy will open up and develop.  Communication lines burst wide open and the connection that you have will be intense.

DESIRE spells to keep the fires burning hot.  Not only to make the attraction to each other immense but to keep the thoughts flowing that keep the spark ignited.  Sexual attraction as well as attraction to the "innards" of the other.  (words taken from spirit casting assistant, lol).  You will each see the beauty held within and will choose loyalty and honesty with each other.

A gorgeous cuff style bracelet that just sparkles and shines.  This pre-owned magickal has a clasp closure that allows it to open up for easy wear and removal.  A stunning piece.  It is gold over piece.  

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