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Love Reading

Love Reading

$ 40.00

This is an AUDIO file love reading to look at and into the energies of two people and their connection(s). This reading will last approximately 15 to 20 minutes. 

Are you wanting to know how you and someone you are interested in match up? Do you wonder what your mate's intentions are? Are they being faithful? Are they pulling away and you don't know why? Are they your soul mate? Your twin flame?   

Love can be hard at times. Things like soul mates, twin flames, and destiny are at the forefront. It doesn't have to be that hard. 

For this reading please send a message (in notes to seller box) upon checkout with: 

What I Will Need From You: 

• Email your details to:


• Your Details: - your full name and that of anyone else


- your year of birth and that of anyone else


- Questions or area of concern – and be precise, specific, honest and clear!


* It is also okay if you are unable to provide all details of someone else. I am still able to connect with the energies through you.


Your Psychic Reading is back to you within 48 hours. I must emphasize that it is important that you email me with your details to avoid any delays.


Please be as clear and detailed about your questions and / or concerns as possible. I am able to focus on the information much quicker and clearer that way. Feel free to be upfront and honest because all information is held in strict confidence. I am non-judgmental and truly want to offer you the best reading possible. The clearer your question, the more detailed your answer will be.  

Your reading will be delivered via AUDIO FILE within 48 hours of submission of your information. Please remember to provide your email address in the notes to seller box and/or to my email at  


I will also take this moment to let you know that I do have Phone Call and Video Call Options if you prefer a more personal one on one connection with me next time. 




I offer a warm, honest and direct reading experience. Using the connection to my guides I provide straight forward answers that can help you along your path in life.




This reading may use the Black Cats Tarot deck, Pendulum, and Witch's Runes as an aid to clarification of the information that comes across.

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