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Love, Romance, Desire, and Seduction Retreat Item

$ 55.00

Enchantment: Love, Romance, Desire, and Seduction. 

Sterling Silver and Amethyst ring.  Size 7

This pretty and unique ring has been worked over ONE FULL YEAR to imbue it with amazing energies.

  • Open the heart up to romance
  • Allow the heart to heal from past hurts
  • Bring a new love opportunity or solidify an existing
  • Deepen Intimacy
  • Be on their mind all the time
  • Soft Love, Sweet Romance
  • Allow the inner seductress out to play
  • Be sensual
  • Lose inhibitions
  • Be comfy in your own skin

Each year our sister circle hosts a week long retreat with one other sister circle and one coven. During this time we come together to reconnect and realign ourselves within our group. We use this time to work some amazing rituals to imbue items with extreme energies. All the pieces offered were worked privately by a circle or coven member for a period of time and then nightly by the entire three groups during our retreat. These items may need some time to adjust to as they will be buzzing with energies. Some of our items are Vintage magickals from personal witch estates and collections. These pieces are worked over the same amount of time within rituals to enhance the already powerful magick they hold as well as add some additional energies as well.

A WHOLE YEAR of spell casts within the three individual circles / coven but also by EACH of the members of all of those as well!!

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