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Mayan Warrior Spirited

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The ancient Mayan people were people that could be very, very powerful in war but chose to not engage in it unless absolutely necessary.  A Mayan warrior is fierce and fearless.  A man that would use tools and skills to take an enemy down with ease.  

This powerful vessel holds an amazing offering from one such warrior.  Cadmael gives offerings of intense protection in all areas as well as the ability to logically traverse through situations.  If however that situation can not be satisfied peacefully, Cadmael will bring your opponent down with fierce direction and intention.  Those trying to harm you or yours will fall to his skill, strategy, and performance as the mighty warrior that he is.

The picture presented is the best representation of Cadmael.


We have worked with so many amazing spirit companions in our spellcasts and summoning sessions through the years.  In that time there have been several (okay, maybe hundreds) that have offered to give their energies to help others through vessel enhancement.  Just how to do this and then to test the items to be sure that they are able to pull the magickal energies and give proper energy flow direction first had to be done.

How is it done?  An item is presented during ritual and any willing being is encouraged to step forward that would like to give its offering to the piece.  This will imbue the item with magnificent magickal energies, skills, and connection to that giving being.  A spirit's energy is endless and therefore allows them to give a part of themselves yet remain whole.  They are able then to connect with you and help you in all areas of your life without hesitation.  They can walk your path in life along side you and never waiver in their ability or loyalty to you.  Some will take on only you and others will give to many but each will only offer when they are absolute in their resolution to do exactly what is asked and expected of them.  


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