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Cleansing of Negativity ONE TIME option

$ 9.99


This cleansing services provides you a full cleansing of all negative energies that have become attached to you through daily life. Think of it as little spots of goo that is attracted and clings to you as you move through your day.

We don't realize that  common activities can allow negativity to attach to us. These natural sources can include negative energy freely moving through the Universe or being around negative people and bad situations. This service also cleanses the negative energy away from you that has been directed towards you intentionally through psychic attacks, people wishing you ill-will, those casting or working against you, hexes, curses, and malicious intent.

This working will occur on the 15th of each month.

You, of course, can chose to have an ongoing monthly cleansing which will help to keep you cleared of any negativity automatically each month.

PLEASE USE THE  MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION OPTION LISTING to have ongoing monthly cleansings!!

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