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Multi-spelled Vintage magickal

$ 65.00

This is an amazing offering from a witch's personal collection.  This piece has been part of that collection for more than 15 years and it holds some extreme energies.

SIZE 5 to 7 

(It has the spring sizer inside that allow it to fit) 

This beautiful Vintage Avon ring has YEARS of casts by covens and individuals have created in this item a supreme magickal energies piece.  Imbued with spell sets for HAPPINESS, WEALTH, SECURITY, PROTECTION, and SUCCESS.  

Spells include:

Happiness spell sets to bring the joys back into your life and self.  Keep a smile on your face and always look to the bright side.

Wealth spells to bring you financial flourishment (as she says).  

Security spell sets to bring you a secure present and future.  Be secure in your choices in life as well.  Your relationships will be lasting as long as you desire them to be so.

Success spells let you get to where you want to be.  You can do anything that you set your mind to and magick can help to set your mind right.  Goals are only dreams when you first start thinking about them.  Success isn't just money either, there are all kinds of success and magick can bring you all of them.

Protection from the stuff that life throws at you along with the baggage that other people try to push onto you.  If there is someone that wants to hurt you or your family then you use this one to send all their negativity back their way.  Life is hard and there's no time to be messing around with people that want to do you harm.

Please keep in mind that her items are vintage and will have some wear to them.  They are also immensely powerful so I would expect their new owners will need some time to adapt to their energies.


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