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This SUPER sparkly purple and white stone ring is MultiSpelled from a crone's magickal collection. It is sterling silver. Size 5.

It was put into her magickal collection over 10 years ago and has been a constant for her workings up to about a year ago when it would no longer fit on even her pinky finger any longer. For that use and time it hasn't nearly a scratch on it!!  It has probably just about any 'white light' magick energies that you can think of. Fully covering the Focus 4 of HEALTH, MONEY, LOVE, and PROTECTION.

Her words

Oh, I adore this one.  Such beautiful sparkle and the magick is divine.  I used to wear this a lot, and I mean a lot.  Then my hands got riddled by age and, well, we all go through it I suppose.  (when asked about the magick of the ring again:) Oh, yes.  The magick, OH the magick (slaps knee).  Well, this one my dear is by far one of my favorites.  Not only because of it's beauty but because of the superb magick.  Such a pretty piece.  I started this ring with the MONEY you see because, well, I needed it and it looked like something a very wealthy woman would wear.  So that's where it started.  We worked on this thing for almost four months just for the money stuff as I waited patiently because I didn't want to tell them to hurry up because I didn't have a pot. (which means she was hurting for money, lol). So the day we finished this bugger I put it on and knew that I was going to be wise.  In three days I was walking to the store and I saw a brown bag on the ground.  Like a lunch bag. Well, in those days you didn't just leave trash on the ground if you saw it, you picked it up.  Low and behold!  Inside this bag was $1500!  It was in the middle of a walking path on the side of the road, no businesses around and in fact was not a soul around at all.  Well, I took it and when I got the store I left my name and number with the counter lady there and told her if anyone comes in and asks if a brown bag was returned, please have them call me.  I waited, and it was hard because I was hungry you see and had bills to pay but I couldn't take that money and use it yet.  Two days later I opened in the mail came a check from a company that I had overpaid on my bill for the last three years!  Oooo wee, I was happier than a monkey with a banana. (lol!). I used that money and then waited another two weeks before I used any of that other money.  You see...I think that it might have been money from illegal activity (see kinda whispered cute) and they weren't going to ever ask about it or had no idea where they lost it, or threw it.  *shrugs shoulders*.  Well, so then I knew how great the magick was held in this ring and so I decided to make it one of my primary pieces.  We worked this little thing with all our might for all the magick and, well, here it all it's glory.  It's kept me warm, loved, and old with a full belly.  What more could you ask for?

I just thought it would be wonderful to hear from the crones who give up their items their fond memories and stories about the pieces they are offering up.  She was a hoot!!



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