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Nature Spirits Awareness Stone with Herb Blend

$ 30.00

Deep in the forest or even in your own garden exists a world of fairies, elves and gnomes. This is the world of the Nature Spirits or elementals.

Nature Spirits or Elementals are the guardians of Mother Earth. Just like we have guardian angels and spirit guides looking out for us, Mother Earth has elementals who tend to her and help protect her.

These include fairies, gnomes, goblins, mermaids, pixies, elves and others who are in charge of different elements in nature.

Along with protecting the Earth, Nature Spirits bring joy, creation and laughter into the physical world. They love to celebrate and play and can often be mischievous.

This offering is for a Nature Spirit Awareness Stone with my special Herb Blend.

This stone is one that is enchanted with the energies to allow you to become more aware of the Nature Spirits that are surrounding you everywhere you go.  It also 'emits' a calming and creates a welcoming atmosphere for the Nature Spirits to show themselves to you more easily.

To see them, simply sit outside in a quiet place where you won't be very distracted holding or having near you this Awareness Stone.  It is best for the first few attempts to take a tiny pinch of my special Nature Spirit Herb Blend and sprinkle it onto the stone as well.  This will bring about a very welcoming vibration from you to them. Once you have gained their 'trust' you will no longer need this added step for those that surround you often, such as those in your own back yard or close area.  You should continue to use the Herb Blend if you are attempting to connect with Nature Spirits in a new area (like while you're camping in a new place for instance). 

Ask them to come forward and then sit and wait patiently. Keep your gaze soft as you look around. They can be hesitant to show themselves so be patient and calm and know that if they want you to see them, they will appear.

You may begin to see them as a glimmer of a flicker out of the corner of your eye or twinkling lights that dance across the room.  They most often move quite fast and remain either low to the ground, or in the air and water. Of course, elementals love to hang outside in the forest and in other areas of nature.

You will receive one Awareness Stone and one resealable baggie of Herb Blend.  You will only need a small pinch of this blend!  The amount sent should be enough for at least 10 uses. 

You can order additional Herb Blend if you'd like to keep some on hand for when you visit parks and places away from your 'normal areas' once yours has been used.

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