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Obsession spell

Obsession spell

$ 27.00

An Irresistible Desire.


Just a few examples of situations where the Obsesion Spell can help:

You know someone you want a passionate romance with.

You need that boost of courage to make the first move.

You want someone to have an unexpected, strong attraction to you.

With the Obsession spell, you hold the power.


Bring the seed of attraction to full fruition. This Spell helps move your love interest closer to being swept away, suddenly struck with a real attraction to you.


Perhaps they've been ignorant. Perhaps they simply haven't given you time or consideration. Hit back with the Lust For Me Spell and move them towards a pulsating physical attraction they have never known before.


This potent Spell will strike with a power they never expect - fanning the flames of spiritual and physical needs, and directing them towards you. Soon they will become consumed with thoughts of you. Don't be surprised if they suddenly act strangely in front of you. That's the effect of this Spell, instilling lust within the subject so they may find it hard not to stare. The fiery nature of this Spell also emboldens you to reach out to them.


Once this Spell takes effect, many find they and their target join together in true union of passion and delight. The Obsession Spell can also be used to reignite the fire in an existing relationship, letting it flow powerfully again.


This is a three day/night spellcast performed by me for you.

Please include the names of the parties in the notes to seller area or via email after purchase.

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