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Past Life Reading

Past Life Reading

$ 75.00

A Past Life Reading looks into one of your past lives. These past lives usually have a connection to what you are going through in your current life and can offer insight into and peace around the situation. Past Life Readings are only done via email as I have to meditate without distractions to get as much detail as possible about one of your past lives. Your reading is emailed to you and any questions you have about the reading afterwards are most welcome. [Please note that I require a picture of yourself to connect the reading].

 Accounts of previous life experiences including your appearance, purpose, work, social group and major experiences. All questions are welcome and we can also look for specific ''events'' or happenings that haunt you or tug at your consciousness…. if you wonder whether you ever experienced a certain event in a past life – this is definitely something that can be uncovered.

All questions and requests are welcome – its a very broad topic and you are encouraged to be as specific as you wish to be when ordering this reading.

Prior to booking a past life reading I suggest that you refer to the page 'What to Expect from a Past Life Reading' to get a better idea of what is involved. Past life readings are not mediumship readings and do not connect you with a passed over loved one.


​Timeframe on responses: up to 3 days

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