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The energies from this spell will be cast by the sisters at gathering into a simple tea light candle that will ship to you. You then have the option to light your candle and release the energies in your own personal space when you are ready.

IF YOU ARE AN INTERNATIONAL CLIENT and would like the spell cast directly into the universal laws for you to avoid shipping, please let me know upon purchase.

As the name suggests, this magic spell gives you more power to achieve anything you're working on. Along with this power comes magnetism, charm and charisma so you will actually appear more powerful. This will help you stand out in a crowd and draw the right people to create success in whatever you are doing. This magic spell is ideal for anyone wanting to get the best results in anything they are doing. And, It is especially helpful in making ANY spell more potent and powerful especially when used in conjunction with any other spell.

You can decide to let them burn all the way out the first time you light them or to light them over a period of three nights (or anytime during the day as well).  The energies will act and react the same regardless so it's just personal preference.  Some clients use the candles within their own rituals that may last more than one single burning time.

You will speak your wish to the universal energies.  So you can do this out loud, which is preferred due to the frequency of the voice, or if you'd rather in your own head only.  Again, it is your intent mingles with the energies of the spell that is released upon the candles burning.  Just thinking about the wanted outcome is enough to send your energies out to help the spell's power and direction.  You can choose to state your desires any which way you'd like!

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