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Portal to Water Elementals

Portal to Water Elementals

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A wonderful offering from the sisters circle! 

Portals to the Elementals!

Use these portals to connect with the water elementals, energies, and powers and allow them to permeate your life and help you when needed.  Truly bringing the ability to manifest into reality for you.  Simply place in your sacred space (altar, bedroom, or anywhere that you frequent) and call upon them when needed.

Elementals are a personification of the element's powers and energies to allow you to harness and work with it in a more connected manner.

Undines are energies of the water.  They are water elementals, and as such, spirits of the water world.  Undines are commonly known as sprites, nymphs and mermaids.

The Water element is the element where manifestations really pick up speed and flow. Water is the element of emotion, passion, empathy, flow and feelings. To truly manifest anything, or if you want to speed up your manifestation, you have to get into working with the water elementals.

Water elementals are called undines or ondines, and like to play in the ponds, springs and pools. Undines are playful creatures who enjoy brushing up against you in the water.

The element Water corresponds specifically to:  
emotions, feelings, intuition, compassion, empathy, sympathy, knowing, devotion, quest, aspiration, intention, appreciation, integrity, harmony, beauty, balance, serenity, fluidity, grief, apathy, joy, love..

If you are facing any sort of life problem in any of these areas, you need to work with the magical water elementals.

On a more spiritual level, these water elementals will increase the flow of your manifestations. When you want to manifest something and it’s not happening (or not happening fast enough), spend a few minutes each day calling upon the elementals to help you and focus on feeling as if the manifestation has already occurred. How would you feel if what you wanted were to show up right now? If you can spend some quality time in that positive, delighted feeling of already having what you want, your manifestation will come to you faster than you can imagine and the water elementals can help clear the way for you to receive it since they will know exactly what it is you desire and what blockages need to be cleared or overcome.

Have fun with your new water elemental friends!

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