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Positive Energy, Beauty, and Success pendant

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These are ESTATE items or OVERFLOW items that have been tested by myself and other coven members to validate their purpose and power.

All items that I offer come from people that I personally know and therefore know their background.  Items come from all over the country direct to me.

Once I receive the item it goes through a resting period where the energies are allowed to balance and adjust to the separation from it's previous owner. It then goes through a testing process where the item is put to use against it's magickal intent. The item is then included in a coven cleansing to release it from any previous owner's residual energy and imbued with energies to amplify and enhance those already held within it. Powerful protection is always added as well. Once this process is complete, the item is then listed to be on it's way to it's new owner.

An overflow item is one that comes from a witch's personal collection that no longer gets the proper time use or that have completed it's intention for that witch.




A gorgeous mystic topaz and silver swirl pendant. 


This a wonderful Overflow item that holds wonderfully magickal energies.

It has been bound and charged by the coven with POSITIVE ENERGY under full ritual.

It is also bound with spells of BEAUTY and SUCCESS.

POSITIVE ENERGY will bring about to you a wonderful energy flow that will help to keep you "clean" from negative energy and allow you to excel in all that you desire.

SUCCESS spells to pull to you or to take you to where you need to be to succeed in all that you try.

BEAUTY spells to help with weight maintenance, hair and nail growth, and to bring out your natural beauty from within for others to see.

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