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POWER OF THE WITCHES spirit enhanced

POWER OF THE WITCHES spirit enhanced

$ 32.00

This is a wonderful natural Rosewood bead and Tibetan silver bracelet that was hand made by me and worn during our ritual summoning and cast during a sisters gathering.  It is a wired bracelet with a lobster claw clasp.  

This wonderful bracelet holds the essence of three witch sisters of great power.  They each have their own magickal specialties but when the three unite it's pure amazing magick.  There is no part of your life that is out of touch for these three sister witches.  

Delila works in motion for keeping you, your energy, and your life free of negative energy and protected from those that wish to deceive you.  She, as the others, work in all areas of magick however.

Rose works in motion for bringing opportunity your way.  Opening doors that you never thought would be opened for you.  Allowing you to see the amazing options that seems clouded to you previously.  She, as the others, work in all areas of magick however.

Helen works in motion for keeping you and yours happy, healthy, and joyful.  She chases away illness, ill wishes, and keeps a constant stream of energy flowing your way to help you recover from any stresses, illnesses, or traumas.  Even going to the dentist causes bodily trauma and she will be there to speed recovery on all levels.

They will work in union to connect with you intuitively to know what exactly you need at that moment in time.  Then they tag team it to get you exactly what you need.  An amazing trio of ladies that are gracious to offer themselves and their magick to you.

The vessel is made from Natural Rosewood beads which have one of the highest frequencies of wood and are, in and of themselves, magickal.  You may choose to place a drop of your favorite essential oil(s) on one or more of the beads to carry your scent and give offering to the ladies. 


We have worked with so many amazing spirit companions in our spellcasts and summoning sessions through the years.  In that time there have been several (okay, maybe hundreds) that have offered to give their energies to help others through vessel enhancement.  Just how to do this and then to test the items to be sure that they are able to pull the magickal energies and give proper energy flow direction first had to be done.

How is it done?  An item is presented during ritual and any willing being is encouraged to step forward that would like to give its offering to the piece.  This will imbue the item with magnificent magickal energies, skills, and connection to that giving being.  A spirit's energy is endless and therefore allows them to give a part of themselves yet remain whole.  They are able then to connect with you and help you in all areas of your life without hesitation.  They can walk your path in life along side you and never waiver in their ability or loyalty to you.  Some will take on only you and others will give to many but each will only offer when they are absolute in their resolution to do exactly what is asked and expected of them.  

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