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Relationship Mender spell

Relationship Mender spell

$ 25.00

Heal the rifts between the two.


There are obviously problems in your relationship, but that doesn't mean they have to remain. If you believe you have a relationship worth saving, this spell can help. The spell is known to help clear misunderstandings and make both of you more open to compromise. No one is perfect, and relationships require effort, but this Candle Spell will put you on the path to making things right again.


Just a few examples of situations where this spell can help:

Your partner has chosen to end the relationship, but you know there is love to save.

You are aware of problems in your marriage and need help figuring out how to fix them.

Divorce is in your future, and you need help to make your partner give the extra effort to repair your love and trust.


This Spell focuses to draw forth passion and clear away negative emotions that are eating away at your connection. 


Let me help you set things right and open the path towards healing your relationship.


This Spell is Cast on your behalf by me over seven days/nights.

Please include names of the parties in notes to seller area or via email after purchase.

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